fall time

Fall time.

October in South Texas is not so exciting due to the fact that I live in 100 degree weather most days. If we get a slight breeze we bust out the San Marcos covijas and chocolate abuelita. Fall time brings people together for fun festivities. You have the usual pumpkin patches, Halloween, Football, pumpkin spice everything, scented candles, and let’s not forget Thanksgiving. Who doesn’t like the holidays? Honestly if you don’t, then something is seriously wrong with you. The fall time is so precious to me. I love being with my loved ones especially around this time, and the good ass food is a plus! The holidays should bring people together because that is the sole purpose of it. Most importantly the fall time makes me feel thankful. Thankful for this life, thankful for my beautiful family and friends, and thankful for the Lord.

“Soft sweaters and blankets drape over cold arms- light brown leaves deepen into burnt amber- pieces of glitter and confetti glide through the air then gently rest on the floor- long conversations over warm cups of coffee-comets race across the charcoal sky-echoes of rouge red lipstick and laughter.”



8 thoughts on “Fall time.

  1. R. Michael says:

    You get 100 degree weather and we got snow on Sunday in MN. It wasn’t much, but it certainly was annoying since we had 80s just a couple weeks ago.


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