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Raiden’s birth story

July 2nd, 2019 at precisely 9:07 p.m. my life changed forever. As I am typing this blog It is already the end of July. Looking back on the days before my son was born it seems like just yesterday he was still kicking up a storm inside my belly.

Rewind to 2 weeks before my sons arrival, I was admitted into the hospital and was diagnosed “Mild Preeclampsia.” I was taken to the Woman’s hospital by an ambulance and had severe back pain and stomach pain. Turns out I was having contractions. It literally felt like my son was already ready to pop out. I was super scared because I never in my 26 years of life thought I would ever have issues with High Blood Pressure. This is bad especially when pregnant. Preeclampsia can cause complications during the birth and also problems for the baby. All I could think about at this point was my son’s health. I was in the hospital for two days to run some tests, and my OBGYN then told me that I had to deliver my baby within two weeks. I was scared, but it had to be done. I went to a follow-up appointment 4 days before the day the doctor wanted my son delivered and was evaluated. I was then told to wait in the waiting room. After patiently waiting, I was given an envelope of paperwork for the delivery and was told to show up at DHR at 11:30 p.m. on June 30th.

I felt like my heart was beating outside my chest. I was nervous because the pregnancy did not go as I had wished. I was told I was having my baby at 37 weeks. I was scared as SHIT! I never thought I’d have complications, EVER. But the only way to move is forward. I had to look at the bright side…I was going to have my son in my arms soon. I was determined everything was going to turn out good. Boy was I wrong…

I showed up to DHR when I was told to, and everything seemed OK. I was told I could not eat and I had to put on my hospital gown. My mom, sister, and boyfriend were the only ones at the hospital that night. They were so happy to see my son be delivered. The nurses did an enema, and that shit was so uncomfortable. At this time I was already hungry and I could only have ice chips. The doctors and nurses kept checking up on me and my baby and blood pressure. I was no where near dilated. I was like 1 cm still. I was given pills to help my cervix soften up and that did not help at all. I was so frustrated at this point. This literally went on for a day and a half. My vagina was literally poked and seen by 15 doctors/nurses. From the looks of it my baby did not want to come out yet. I was so stressed out cause I was in so much pain and I was hungry. C’mon give me a fucking break people. I cried of frustration, because I pictured this experience so much better than this. Then with trial and error, the doctor gave me two options. First option would be a much more stronger pill was going to be imputed in my vagina OR go the C-section route. And guess what I decided…yes you guessed it. The C-section route. I then was being prepared for surgery a couple hours later. I was so nervous!!

I was given a shot in my spine to numb the lower half of my body so I won’t have to feel the incision. I kept asking the doctors if the surgery was going to hurt me, because I have never had a surgery before. It was kind of foggy due to I was drugged up so I do remember seeing so many doctors in the OR , and I saw my man he was right by my side during the whole process. The only thing I did feel was some movement in my stomach like if someone was grabbing something in my belly. Then it went silent. Time stood still. I heard the sweetest cry. My baby boy was here. He kept crying and then the doctors put my son by my cheek and he stopped crying. He knew who his momma was. He recognized my voice. My heart was so happy. I fell in love July 2nd, 2019. That was the most intense day of my life! I stayed in the hospital for the remainder of the week until I was ready to walk again due to my c-section. I think it hit me that I was finally a parent when I took my son home for the first time. Like wow, I am someones mom. I was put on bed rest for a couple of weeks and now I’m currently much better and ready to go back to work.

I can’t wait to go through every single stage of life with him. It isn’t going to be easy. No one said parenting was easy. But I want to try to be the best mom I can be to my son. I love him to my core. You’re my world Raiden.


4 cute mommy outfits and how to style them

Maternity fashion is either really expensive or reallllly cheap. It is hard to find good stuff. I saw some ideas on certain inspo blogs I follow, and I wanted to input my little take on certain styles. The items I have below have saved me these last couple of months. I find that these outfits were worth every penny, in my opinion. Please excuse all my pics…I’m not a professional blogger I just wanted to show you all how I actually wear these items. I went through my Instagram https://www.instagram.com/cyox_/ and picked my favorite outfits I’ve worn while being preggers!

Find the perfect summer dress that you feel comfortable in and that suits your body type…Remember every pregnancy body is different. For this look I paired my dress with some cute grey Espadrille’s, and threw on a pair of sunnies! ISSA LOOK!!!

Where I found this whole outfit:

I literally found this dress in .2 seconds in the plus size section at old navy and I thought it was perfect for my lil belly! It was also on sale during easter weekend so I got it for less than $20! What a mf steal!


Here is the link to the Espadrille’s! I really thought these were cute! Even though I have been going through the process of having swollen ankles and feet, I still want to wear these after my baby is born:)

I literally live in this black swing dress. It is like a parachute lol. With an all black dress you can basically pair that with anything you want. A pop of color if you want or traditional all black outfit. I paired it with a all black fedora, and some black slide sandals.
This dress was actually from the curve section at walmart. I had one previously but left it at a friends house like 3 years ago and never got it back. This one was actually cheaper than I thought it be. Don’t sleep on walmart ya’ll!


Here is the link^ where I purchased my all black slide sandals. At the time I bought them they were on sale. They are perfect and match basically everything I own.


This link above is the fedora I am wearing in the picture. You can dress it up or down, whatever you prefer. I love this hat cause it is such a staple to a cute boho outfit!

A simple cardigan, cami, sunnies, and slides could be a look! Pair it with some ripped jeans and it is a go!
I purchased this beige cardigan at forever 21 for only $10. Like what???? That is a good deal if you ask me. Forever 21 always has good sales and pretty nice clothes if you take the time to look!


These H-band sandals are so adorable and match everything I own. One of my fav IG bloggers recommended this to her followers and now I am recommending them to you all. I got these at walmart for $7.98. Compared to not so budget friendly stores this is a good deal! I look cute and my wallet is happy at the same time.

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Kimono’s, a simple cami & jean shorts are like my best friend. They are there when you need them! I paired this outfit with some round sunnies to add a vibe.
I purchased this white cami in a 1XL because look at that belly! Girl….c’mon I need some extra coverage lol. It was a perfect fit! You can wear cami’s with anything and I also have one in black because those are two staple colors for anyone’s wardrobe.
The kimono & jean shorts were both purchased from Ross. Ross is so good with their prices that I can’t even! NO complaining here. I think with both of those items I literally spent less than $30 the most.

I hope you all enjoyed this update on my blog. I will not be blogging for a couple of weeks because my son is due very very soon. I do plan on writing something special about my baby’s delivery soon. In the mean time I will be coming up with more ideas on what to write in the future. Much love xo

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Somethings that I’m happy about.

As I lay here thinking about what to write, I wanted to incorporate some positivity to my blog real quick. I wanted to blog about some things that I’m happy about.

I’m happy that I have done pretty well in my life. I’m healthy, I have a good job, I have good people in my corner who care about me, I have a committed relationship etc. I don’t have everything in the world but I am humble and patient. With patience and God’s grace anything is possible!!!

I’m happy that I’ve come a long way in my pregnancy and for it to be a healthy one blows my mind. I never saw myself really having kids. And this is such a HUGE blessing. I still have a long way to go and I’m ready!

I’m happy I have a roof over my head, transportation to get to where I need to go, food in my fridge, clothes in my closet, a bed to sleep in. I don’t like to complain about material things I don’t have because I know some people have it worse than I do and for that I’m completely grateful.

This is a reminder to myself really.. something to look back on. Shedding some light in my life to remind me that it’s only gonna get better ❀️


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I can’t believe my belly is the home to my baby. It is such a surreal feeling to now be celebrating Mother’s Day.

It is my greatest honor to be a mother. It is the wildest thing I have ever been through. I feel like I am constantly learning and trying to figure things out. It is exhausting and exciting at the same time.

My man and I often talk about how grateful we are to be parents. I remember when I found out I was pregnant, I was so NERVOUS! Like me???? A mom?? What!! I bursted into tears because I was scared. I didn’t plan on having a child so soon. But I realized, I am blessed! Not everyone has the opportunity to have children. And I was blessed to be a mom to a BOY! It is incredible. I truly believe you get what you’re supposed to get.

Raiden hasn’t even been born yet and he is the light of my life. So to be able to participate in Mother’s Day meant everything too me. And I’m grateful my boyfriend was able to treat me like a QUEEN. So what did I do on my first Mother’s Day? Well, It started off by going to Reserva Coffee Roasters and getting some coffee. Then me and my man walked around the convention center in Mcallen and took some pictures. We then went to Salt Grass for lunch and the food was so damn delicious. Then he took me shopping @ Ulta. You have no idea how happy that made me because I love makeup lol. That was how I spent my Mother’s Day, and It was amazing. It was simple but spontaneous. This time next year I should have my little one in my arms to celebrate with us❀

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Clothing items you really need when pregnantβ™₯

After spending 7 months of my life pregnant, and experiencing the changes in my body. I wanted to share with you a few clothing items that I found to be super helpful. Maternity clothes can be EXPENSIVE! But look around and you’ll find some good clothes out there.

I highly recommend shopping at the plus size section or maternity sections. Here are some ideas you can consider buying:

1.Maternity leggings

Let’s be honest…this is all I wear. Look for leggings that have room for your baby bump. A good recommendation is Old Navy, they carry some really good comfortable maternity leggings.

2. Cardigans+Cami’s

This combo is just absolutely perfect for us lazy girls. It’s basically a grab-n-go type of outfit. It’s super convenient for a mommy-to-be. You can get some good deals at places like Ross, Marshalls, etc.

3. Maternity Jeans

My first experience with this was difficult. I bought some maternity jeans at Ross and they were a size to big. So even though my belly is growing my legs aren’t sooooo…. yeah it is irritating having to always pick up my jeans. Now I know to TRY ON THE CLOTHES rather than just guessing my size lol. If you love jeans like me invest in at least two good pairs and you don’t have to get $30 jeans. Go to Ross and you won’t be disappointed.

4.Tunic/Dressy Tops

At this point most people that see me don’t think I am pregnant. I basically look chunky. So I like a little extra coverage when it comes to tops. Tunic tops are good because it suits my body best when I want to look more glammed up. It is super comfy and flattering.

5.Slouchy pants

Slouchy pants are just so comfy. Get pants that have an elastic waistband btw! These pants come in handy even after the birth too!!

6.A cute comfy dress

A dress is a good way to stay comfy and stylish during your pregnancy. I recommend investing in a couple of dresses during your pregnancy. I personally love dresses because they are cute and not crazy expensive. And sometimes us momma’s don’t want to wear so much clothing lol.


Guess what..I’m Pregnant!!! Goodbye Second Trimester.

This Sunday marks 28 weeks along which means I will have entered into my third trimester and my due date is 87 days from now… WHAT?! I will be having a baby BOY! For me, my first trimester went by SOOO slow, and horrible. I remember every day I felt sick and tired. Then my second trimester finally came and during that it felt like it was pretty long but now that it’s over I am excited for what’s to come!

This is my first pregnancy post on my blog and I just wanted to update you all on what I’ve been going through lately:

My symptoms: Some things that I’ll still experience every now and then are headaches, and occasional lack of sleep, fatigue, swollen hands & legs, aching back, and shortness of breath. I have not gotten a pregnancy pillow yet (If you are reading this babe, I still want this darn pillow.) One symptom you don’t really see me post about online is my moodiness. And I am going to be honest on here…. I actually don’t let many people see it other than my poor man but I have moments where I’m really uncomfortable or don’t feel attractive. It hasn’t gotten to the point of anything crazy like Depression. I just definitely feel that pregnancy hormones occasionally affect my mood a lot.

My weight gain: I gained 20-25 pounds. It may or may not be normal for some people. At the end of the day, your body and your baby is different than anyone else’s body and their babies. You are the current home for your baby and your body is doing what it needs to to nest them and feed them and I know the minute I see our baby’s face it will be worth it no matter what my body will be looking like. I feel this sense of being proud of my body now and how much it’s changed! A few weeks ago people would see me and think I was just a β€œgordita” lol. Overall I do feel blessed that God gave me my baby and that I get to be a Mom. Some people try so hard to have babies and God really came through for me. As you’ve 100% noticed, my boobs are humongous. Clothing fits a lot differently now and I even had a breakdown when I purchased a top from Fashion Nova back in December. I bought an XL dressy tank top and it just was too tight in the chest area. So I started buying plus size tops from then on. When I tell you they are growing…they are freaking growing. I personally am not a fan of them but just another thing I’m embracing because it is for my baby anyways.

Food, Cravings and Exercise: I remember at the beginning of my second trimester I was craving some random shit. I wanted pickles, pizza, Caesar salads, caldo de pollo…WEIRD SHIT. Occasionally certain things won’t sound appetizing to me. Things that don’t really appeal to me at the moment is coffee and fried chicken #GAG. For cravings, I have really started to get my sweet tooth back. Chocolate or baked goods are my JAM right now! Mind you I NEVER would eat that stuff before my pregnancy. As for exercise, I’ve been going to Planet Fitness! I usually go with my mom cause she motivates me to walk and stretch more. And it will benefit me for after I have the baby too. That post baby body will have me bouncing back boo, don’t you forget that!!

His Name: Me and my man agreed on the name Raiden. Why? Because we love video games and MK happens to be one of our absolute faves. We also had a hard time choosing his middle name for awhile. But my mother-in-law and sister-in-law decided on Luke because the biblical meaning behind it.

And that wraps up the update! Me and Mariano are really looking forward to this new journey of ours. And honestly I wouldn’t want to experience this with anyone else. I can’t wait for what’s to come!!!


Hope you all enjoyed. Have a good day!! xo